Staff: Administrative Director, School of Clinical Psychology

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Saybrook University 
Position Title : Administrative Director,  School of Clinical Psychology 
Classification: Exempt 
Reports to: School Chair 

General Responsibilities 

1. Support strategic planning, resource allocation, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement processes of the School. 
2. Support financial management through a wide array of budget and financial process activities. 
3. Support organizational effectiveness through managing and coordinating the functions of the administrative and academic operations of the School to ensure that the School's everyday activities run smoothly. 
4. Support the Office of the Director of Clinical Training through maintaining San Francisco office practicum, internship, and licensure-related files and records. 

Specific Responsibilities 
1. Leadership Support 

  • a) Contribute to short and long-term organizational planning and strategy as a member of the School management team. 
  • b) Facilitate the work of the School’s leadership team including strategy and planning. 
  • c) Support the School Chair and the University human resources and administration in developing the enhancement of the faculty human capital. 
  • d) Assist the School Chair with planning, strategy, and execution of new programs. 

2. Financial Management Support

  • a) Lead/Coordinate annual budgeting and planning process for the School’s annual budget. 
  • b) Hold budget approval authority under direction of School Chair. 
  • c) Oversee monthly and quarterly assessments and forecasts of School’s financial performance against budget, financial and operational goals. Oversee reviewing short and long-term financial and managerial reporting that is generated from the business office. 
  • d) Manage day to day processing of relevant financial, academic, and organizational activities; review academic and financial reports as requested or required. 
  • e) Reconcile monthly activity and generate necessary reports. 
  • f) Maintain operational and archival administrative files. 
  • g) In conjunction with Business Office, develop long-range forecasts and maintain long-range financial plans for School. 

3. Organizational Support 

  • a) Manage School functions. 
    • • Provide strategic guidance to university RC Conference Director who will implement RC, NSO, and graduation organization, planning, and implementation. 
    • • Lead/Coordinate updates of University Catalog and Student Handbook content relevant to School. 
    • • Create school academic, RC, and administrative calendars 
  • b) Communications/Meetings 
    • • Primary communication liaison between School and students. 
    • • Primary liaison between School and Committees (including SARC, Syllabus and Policy, RC and Professional Development, etc.) 
    • • University Committee assignments and meetings 
    • • Primary school liaison with internal university departments (including Business Office, HR, Finance, Financial Aid, Registrar, IT, etc). 
    • • Primary liaison between School and Faculty regarding administrative matters
  • c) Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services through improvements to School functions, suggestions to University functions, and coordination and communication among all functions. 
  • d) Drive initiatives in the management team and organizationally that contribute to long-term operational excellence. 
  • e) Establish and maintain operational policies, procedures, processes and systems; and, make any necessary modifications, based on analysis of operations and other research information. 
  • f) In collaboration with Provost’s office and Chair, maintain official records and documents of School. 
  • g) In collaboration with Provost’s office and Chair, assist with School’s compliance with appropriate governmental regulations and accreditation requirements 
  • h) Work closely with Provost’s office, Enrollment Management & Student Services, Business Office, and Operations group to improve all University processes. 
  • i) Identify specific areas in which the School and/or the University may need to improve processes to increase operational efficacy and/or efficiency. This will include monitoring revenue margins and workload productivity, in ongoing as well as new programs. 
  • j) Provide administrative support to the Office of Director of Clinical Training through active communication and record-keeping related to practicum, internship, and licensure related files and documents.


● Commitment to University mission 
● At least 3 years experience in budget planning, development, oversight, and management 
● Strong background and work experience in administrative, financial, and educational operations 
● Excellent computer skills and proficient in Microsoft Office. 
● Highly proficient in Google Apps (Google E-mail, Drive, Spreadsheet, Calendar, etc). 
● Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written 
● Knowledge of contract management 
● Knowledge and experience in organizational effectiveness and operations management implementing best practices. 
● Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff groups and major projects or initiatives. 
● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; collaborative management style. 
● A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace 
● Excel at operating in a fast paced environment 
● Excellent people manager, open to direction and delegates responsibilities effectively 
● Collaborative work style and commitment to get the job done 
● High comfort level working in a diverse environment 
● Ability to work independently with minimal supervision 

Location: Work will be conducted from the Saybrook Main Campus in Oakland, CA.  Occasional short-term business travel (Residential Conferences; Kirkland, WA; Springfield, MA; Chicago, Ill, etc) may be required. 

37.5 hour work week. Employer paid medical/dental/vision benefits, 403(b) retirement savings program plus other benefits.

To apply:
Please email HR Manager at fax to HR Manager at 415-394-5193 with your resume and cover letter.