Saybrook University Faculty Directory: F


Saybrook University faculty are renowned academics and accomplished practitioners dedicated to advancing human potential to create a humane and sustainable world. Their work crosses boundaries and changes lives.

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* not all faculty are associated with a school
Patrick Faggianelli, Jr.

Patrick Faggianelli received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook Graduate School. Dr.Faggianelli is a licensed Psychologist who views psychotherapy as a healing process. He integrates Eastern and Western models of...View faculty profile
Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Photograph of Joel Federman
Joel Federman

Joel Federman, Ph.D., is a writer, teacher and activist. He is Director of Saybrook's Transformative Social Change Specialization,...View faculty profile

Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Claudia Finkelstein
Photograph of Robert Flax
Robert Flax
Director of Research

Bob Flax, Ph.D. is a psychologist, organization development consultant, activist, and teacher. He is an Adjunct Faculty Member and Research Coordinator at Saybrook University, Vice President of the Democratic World...View faculty profile
Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Luann Fortune, PhD

Luann Fortune, PhD is a teacher, scholar, and licensed massage therapist and bodywork instructor. She holds MA and PhD degrees in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University, a BA in Interdisciplinary Social...View faculty profile
Mind-Body Medicine
Perri Franskoviak
Clinical Psychology
Photograph of Claire Frederick
Claire Frederick, M.D.
Distinguished Consulting Faculty

You can learn more about me at
I am a Board Certified psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy. I...View faculty profile
Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Photograph of Harris Friedman
Harris Friedman

Harris Friedman received his Ph.D. in Personality-Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University. Harris Friedman has a background as a clinical psychologist, organizational consultant, and program developer. As a...View faculty profile