Faculty Profile: Bill Bruff

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Bill Bruff

School: Clinical Psychology

William Bruff received his Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles in clinical psychology. He completed counselor training in an intensive person centered Master's Program at Harvard University. He also completed a three year intensive post-Ph.D. training program in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Cambridge Family Institute in Massachusetts.

Dr. Bruff's expertise is in the area of child and family therapy, small group process, community mental health, and psychology of gay men. His research interests include gay men's development and adult learning. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Massachusetts.

He has extensive experience in at-distance learning programs for adults having taught in, and directed undergraduate and graduate adult learner programs at Goddard College, Vermont College, Union Institute and currently Saybrook University.

His clinical experience has included both public and private practice in clinical psychology and family therapy as a founding member of the Martha's Vineyard Mental Health Center, as the coordinator for children's services for the Taunton area of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health; working in the community with "mini-schools" and other alternative school programs for severely emotionally disturbed school aged children; as a consulting psychologist for the Anne Sullivan Center a multi-context pre-school for hearing impaired, physically challenged, and other pre-school children; as a family therapist for the Mendocino County Department of Mental Health in California; as a therapist with incarcerated or hospitalized juveniles and adults.

As a teacher I see the learner as the center point of the learning dialogue. I am a collaborator in the co-design of the learning experience, and a holder of academic and professional values, expectations, and standards to which the learner may choose to aspire.

Curriculum Vitae

Upcoming Presentations and Public Addresses

AAMFT Annual Conference Kansas City, MO October 20, 2005

Degrees, Discipline, Year, Institution

  • Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology-LA, 1976, Clinical Psycholoogy
  • M.Ed., Harvard University, 1969, Clinical Counseling
  • BA, Antioch College, 1967 Secondary Education

Current Projects and Professional Activities

 Currently participating in two year project to implement American Association of Marriage and Famiy Therapists Core Competencies into graduate curriculum. Organizing MFT efforts to seek entitlement tuition money for graduate students from State of California through Northern California MFT Program Directors and with the Bay Area Mental Health Directors' Workforce and Educastion Collaborative. Major grant development for project to increase culturally diverse intern training sites for MFT and Ph.D. students.

Research Interests

Gay men's development Issues related to GLBT topics Adult learning Lifecourse focused studies

Research Expertise

Focused primarily on qualitative research including grounded theory and growing interest in phenomonology.

Expertise Working with Saybrook Students

Support for MFT students Networking for GLBT interested students, faculty, and alumni

Research Expertise

Research Expertise Rating Guide:

  1. studied in a class or have read intensively on my own
  2. special training in the form of a workshop or equivalent
  3. taught a class in, or supervised research using this method (research practicum, on a dissertation or master's committee
  4. used in research myself
  5. published or presented at conferences my research using this method

Methods Traditionally Considered As Quantitative (But Need Not Be)

Laboratory Research
Field Experiments
Randomized Controlled Clinical
Quasi-experimental methods
Correlational Methods

Methods That Could Use Quantitative Or Qualitative Methods

Action Research
Survey Research
Interview Research
Observational Research
Epidemiological Research
Focus Groups
Self-Observational Methods
Narrative Methods
Feminist Methods
Content Analysis
Discovery-Oriented (psychotherapy)
Events paradigm (psychotherapy)
Archival Research
Case History Methods
Appreciative Inquiry
Multiple Case Depth Research
Hermeneutic Single Case Efficacy Design
Longitudinal research
Cross-sectional research

Methods Primarily Associated With Qualitative Research (But May Also Use Quantitative)

Ethnoautobiographical research
Grounded Theory
Heuristic Research

Types of Analysis

Simple Parametric Statistics (t-test, etc.)
Confidence intervals
Analysis of Variance (including MANOVA)
Analysis of Covariance
Regression (including multiple regression)
Discriminant Function Analysis
Structural Equation Modeling/Path Analysis
Causal Modeling
Cluster Analysis
Survival Analysis
Bayesian Analysis
Meta-analysis and effect sizes
Factor Analysis
Time series analysis
Multidimensional scaling