Faculty Profile: C. Kirwan Rockefeller

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C. Kirwan Rockefeller

School: Mind-Body Medicine

Kirwan Rockefeller, PhD is the author of "Visualize Confidence: How to Use Guided Imagery to Overcome Self-Doubt," the co-editor and contributing author of "Psychology, Spirituality and Healthcare," Volume 2 of the 3-volume series "Whole Person Healthcare" and past-editor of The California Psychologist (2007-2012). Dr. Rockefeller received his PhD from Saybrook University (1994) where he was mentored by Drs. Jeanne Achterberg, Stanley Krippner, Dennis Jaffee, David Lukoff, and Ilene Serlin. He has consulted within the entertainment industry on the accurate depiction of health, social and addiction issues. He has a Level I Certification from the Academy of Guided Imagery, where he studied with David Bresler, PhD and Marty Rossman, MD. Dr. Rockefeller is currently Director, Special Projects and WIA/TAA Academic Advisor at the University of California, Irvine Extension. """""

Curriculum Vitae

Upcoming Presentations and Public Addresses

Degrees, Discipline, Year, Institution

Doctor of Philosophy, 1994, Human Science, Saybrook University, San Francisco, CA.  Human Science is the multidisciplinary investigation of human life and activities by a rational, systematic and verifiable methodology that acknowledges the validity of both quantitative and qualitative social sciences and psychologically-based methodologies.   Dissertation:   The Context of Meaning & Biopsychosocial Adaptations to HIV/AIDS by HIV-Negative Gay Men.


Master of Public Administration with a focus in Organizational Behavior & Management, 1984, University of Washington, Seattle WA

Bachelor of Arts, 1975, Speech Communications/Theatre & Art History,  University of Richmond, Richmond, VA

Current Projects and Professional Activities

Consultant to the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc (www.eiconline.org) for accurate depictions of health and social issues in entertainment products.

Important Conference Presentations

University of California, Irvine Hospital, 2010-2013
Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care (Patient Education and CA 1 Residents in Anesthesiology "Humanism in the Perioperative Environemnt"
Topic:  “Using Guided Imagery to Prepare for Successful Surgery”


American Psychological Association: Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, 2010
Topic:  “Using Guided Imagery to Prepare for Successful Surgery”


UC Irvine Center for Unconventional Security Affairs, 2010
Sustainability Lecture Series
Topic:  “The Greening of Business & Sustainability: Preparing Through Continuing Education”


UC Irvine Academic & Professional Women’s 6th Annual Conference, 2008
Keynote Speaker: “Personal Success Through Creative Imagination”


Newport Beach Public Library Foundation,  2007
Manuscripts Literary Events: Authors @ Your Library
Topic:  “Guided Imagery & Relaxation: Doorways to Health”


American Psychological Association: Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, 2007
Symposium: Whole Person Healthcare
Topic: “Imagery: Multiple Modalities for Whole Person Healthcare”


Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, Irvine, CA, 2006-present
Samueli Colloquium Annual Lecture Series and Annual Chinese Scholars Lecture Series   
Topic:  “Guided Imagery & Relaxation: Doorways to Health”, Women's Wellness Day, 2005-2006


California Psychological Association Annual Conference, Pasadena, CA, 2005
Topic:  “Guided Imagery & Relaxation: Doorways to Health”    


American Psychological Association: Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI, 2004
Symposium: Mind/Body Interventions Strategies in Clinical Health Psychology.
Topic:  “Wellness Model in Adult Continuing Education”


American Psychological Association: Annual Conference, Boston, MA, 1999
Symposium:  “Improvising a Life”


American Psychological Association: Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, 1998
Symposium:  Contemporary Applications of Hypnotically-Facilitated Counseling and
Psychotherapy:  Race, Ethnicity and HIV/AIDS.
Topic:  “Developing a Hypnotic Approach as Adjunct Treatment for HIV/AIDS”

Research Interests

LGBT Affirmative Psychology, PNI, guided imagery for health, imagery in film/media and popular culture with accurate depictions of health/social issues in entertainment.   Leadership development.   Creativity Studies.

Research Expertise

Expertise Working with Saybrook Students


Research Expertise

Research Expertise Rating Guide:

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  2. special training in the form of a workshop or equivalent
  3. taught a class in, or supervised research using this method (research practicum, on a dissertation or master's committee
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  5. published or presented at conferences my research using this method

Methods Traditionally Considered As Quantitative (But Need Not Be)

Laboratory Research
Field Experiments
Randomized Controlled Clinical
Quasi-experimental methods
Correlational Methods

Methods That Could Use Quantitative Or Qualitative Methods

Action Research
Survey Research
Interview Research
Observational Research
Epidemiological Research
Focus Groups
Self-Observational Methods
Narrative Methods
Feminist Methods
Content Analysis
Discovery-Oriented (psychotherapy)
Events paradigm (psychotherapy)
Archival Research
Case History Methods
Appreciative Inquiry
Multiple Case Depth Research
Hermeneutic Single Case Efficacy Design
Longitudinal research
Cross-sectional research

Methods Primarily Associated With Qualitative Research (But May Also Use Quantitative)

Ethnoautobiographical research
Grounded Theory
Heuristic Research

Types of Analysis

Simple Parametric Statistics (t-test, etc.)
Confidence intervals
Analysis of Variance (including MANOVA)
Analysis of Covariance
Regression (including multiple regression)
Discriminant Function Analysis
Structural Equation Modeling/Path Analysis
Causal Modeling
Cluster Analysis
Survival Analysis
Bayesian Analysis
Meta-analysis and effect sizes
Factor Analysis
Time series analysis
Multidimensional scaling