Faculty Profile: Darlene Viggiano

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Darlene Viggiano

School: Mind-Body Medicine

Darlene Viggiano, Ph.D. (MFT), teaches Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Hypnosis for the College of Mind-Body medicine, having earned her doctorate in 2010 from Saybrook University. She also serves on the Dissertation with Distinction selection committee. Dr. Viggiano is a California-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Intensive Outpatient Program at Kaiser Permanente South Valley Centre in the Adult Psychiatry Department. She serves on Kaiser’s Regional Best Practices committee for Dual Diagnosis, facilitates groups for Adults Molested as Children and for Dual Diagnosis populations, as well as offering psycho-education on Anger Management. She also facilitates Mindfulness Movement skills sessions, in addition to providing therapy to a regular patient caseload. She has served on the Domestic Violence Committee and on the Quality Assurance Committee at Kaiser South Sacramento. She was honored to earn the Outstanding Service Award for the second quarter of 2009.

Dr. Viggiano earned her Ph.D. in psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco, where her dissertation topic was the role of dreams and dream-like experiences in spiritual emergence processes.

Her book, Carrying On: A workbook for women who’ve lost a pregnancy, was published in 2010 by Lambert Academic Publishing. Her book, Dreams and Dream-like Experiences: Their Role in Spiritual Emergence Processes, was published by Lambert Academic Publishing. Her 2012 biographical article on Ernest R. Hilgard appeared online in the Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories, published by Springer Science + Business Media, and her 2011 article on Jungian hypnotic dream-work was published in Contemporary Hypnosis and Integrative Therapy. Her interactive, online class, Applications of Clinical Hypnosis in Mind-Body Medicine, was accepted for CE credit at JFK University’s Somatic Psychotherapy workshop series. Additionally, she has published several peer-reviewed journal articles as well as various book-reviews on psychology books. She has taught psychology at the University of Phoenix and developed an online hypnosis course for John F. Kennedy University. She earned certification in clinical hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and is a member of APA Division 30, The Society of Psychological Hypnosis. She presented on hypnotic dreaming at the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis during their 60th annual workshops and scientific program. She earned the 2012 Early Career Achievement Award from APA Division 30."

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