Faculty Profile: Gerald Swanson

Gerald Swanson

School: Clinical Psychology

Dr. Swanson has over 40 years experience working in technical organizations. He is recently retired as a Senior Organization Advisor with The Boeing Company. After a successful twelve-year career as a Nuclear Analytical Chemist he changed fields to applied behavioral science and worked as an internal organizational consultant in three technical organizations. He has consulted to most businesses of the Boeing Company and many elements of the Lockheed Corporation as well as elements of the Navy, Air Force and Army. His passion is the development of a broad systemic perspective among all those he consults to.

Dr. Swanson’s is, at heart, a teacher. Beginning at Antioch University, he has worked with or for LIOS since 1990. He has taught Organization Theory, Leadership, Systems Thinking and Statistics and is the author of the text book, Statistics: A User Friendly Guide: Especially for the Mathematically Challenged.""

Curriculum Vitae

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