Faculty Profile: Jeannine Davies

Jeannine Davies

School: Clinical Psychology

Dr. Jeannine Davies serves as faculty within the School of Clinical Psychology, where she co-developed and co-leads the Complex Trauma and Healing Certificate, and within the School of Interdisciplinary Inquiry, where she teaches the course on "The Life and Contributions of Alan Watts." In addition, she serves on the committee for the Alan Watts Scholarship Fund and supervises masters and doctoral level research. She is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Vancouver, B.C. Her primary areas of interests include consciousness studies, models of mind, arts based inquiry, intersubjectivity and relational theory and approaches, Buddhism and Asian studies, conventional and non-conventional healing practices, personal and spiritual development, human rights and social change. She has written numerous papers and chapters and is co-author of "Post-traumatic Stress Disorder" (2012) along with Drs. Stanley Krippner and Daniel Pitchford."

Curriculum Vitae

Unavailable at this time.