Faculty Profile: Joanne Brunn

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Joanne Brunn

School: Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Joanne Brunn received her Ph.D. in Human Sciences with a certificate in Creativity Studies, and an M.B.A. from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

She is currently enjoying working with a start-up software company, being a part-time professor at Saybrook University as a faculty advisor in the Creativity Studies program, and creating mobile apps to develop one’s creative thinking. She has worked as both a manager and consultant in various software, internet and strategic initiatives in industries as varied as toys, finance, and telecommunications. Her passion is using and teaching integrated approaches to organizational and leadership challenges combining insights from creativity and innovation, indigenous wisdom, systems thinking, intuition and organizational dynamics.

Her graduate research focused on the differences between Western and Indigenous worldviews as seen through the eyes of college students in a study abroad program to Indigenous Communities. She continues to study with Sobonfu Some, from the Dagara, an Indigenous tribe in Burkina Faso."""

Curriculum Vitae

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