Faculty Profile: Sonya Pritzker

Sonya Pritzker

School: Mind-Body Medicine

Sonya Pritzker is a medical anthropologist and a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine. She is a clinician and researcher at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, a lecturer in the UCLA Department of Anthropology, and an instructor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her research focuses on the global translation and dissemination of Chinese medical knowledge, including the linguistic choices of specific translators as well as the transfer of research findings into clinical practice, the interpretation of textbooks by teachers, and the explanation of Chinese medical concepts to patients. She is also currently involved in several research studies pertaining to the development and practice of integrative medicine in the U.S., and has previously researched and written about the treatment of anxiety and depression with Chinese medicine. She is fluent in Chinese and has extensive experience studying Chinese medicine and researching both Chinese medicine and psychology in Beijing, China.""

Curriculum Vitae

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