Faculty Profile: Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood

School: Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Wendy Wood, Ph.D. is an adjunct professor in the Human Science Degree Program.
Her interests, thinking, and research in Human Science focuses on issues of social and environmental justice; narrative inquiry; gendered issues; feminist epistemologies; peace and reconciliation; and meaningful engagement. Her current academic research focuses on exploring the deep wisdom of people working in humanitarian efforts, their lived experiences and stories, and what is required to work in ways that DO NO HARM. She is writing a book eliciting the stories of prominent Catholic Sisters and their response to patriarchal, hierarchal, and ecclesiastic structures of the Roman Catholic Church. She has worked nationally and internationally with governmental and non-governmental organizations to design, implement, and evaluate culturally appropriate and comprehensive trauma-informed health, welfare, and reconciliation initiatives with a special interest in indigenous Rwandan and Hawaiian populations. She has a background in social systems reform, Western feminist and religious history, Western intellectual history, and Human Science.

Curriculum Vitae

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