Continuing Education Courses

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Saybrook University, in collaboration with The Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation, offers superb distance-learning continuing education courses in many areas of behavioral medicine and psychology including biofeedback and related topics, intended for professionals such as clinicians, coaches, educators, and academic researchers. 

Our faculty are credentialed faculty of Saybrook University and recognized as highly competent by their academic and clinical peers who promoted them academically, selected them for competitive grants (from NIH, the VA, the military, and private organizations), and accepted their publications in high quality, peer reviewed journals.

Program Faculty:

  • Richard Sherman, Ph.D., Program Director
  • Gerald Kozlowski, Ph.D.
  • Susan Middaugh, Ph.D., PT
  • Alicia L. Townsend, Ph.D.
  • Eric Willmarth, Ph.D.

Our course offerings currently include:

These courses are accepted by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) for use toward BCIA certification and re-certification.

All CE courses are conducted through distance education. The courses are very similar to "in-person" courses except that students communicate with the instructor via phone or e-mail. We make sure that every student gets personal attention and substantial interaction from instructors with decades of experience.

  • Course materials: Students learn by attending live, real-time audiovisual lectures with instructors, reading text files, and watching movies that available on the course website; for most courses students also read a required text.
  • Essays – not tests:  After each lecture is attended, students answer a set of short essay questions and e-mail them to the instructor. The student and instructor communicate by e-mail or phone to go over any questions the student has and to add additional information the student may want.
  • Students work at their own pace: Upon signing up, students can begin the course anytime they wish within six months of purchasing the course and have one year from the purchase date to complete it.
  • Personal attention: Each student receives personal attention from our instructors - each of whom have decades of experience in their course specialization. They can help with decisions on which equipment to purchase, guide students through course related portions of interventions with complex patients, etc.
  • Certificate of Completion: Students receive a course completion certificate which indicates how many CE credits were earned, the topic of the course, the presenting organization, and the organizations which have approved the program to grant CEs.

For description of CE courses, pricing, policies and procedures, and to sign up for one or more of our CE courses,
please visit The Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation

Note: Students are given access to course materials only after full payment for the course has been received. After getting access to the course website, there are no refunds at all, as Saybrook University and the Foundation have committed their resources to the student and they have access to all the course materials. A course would only be canceled due to an extreme emergency on the part of the course instructor or the Foundation. In the highly unlikely event a course is canceled, the student would receive a full refund.

Additional questions:  may be directed to Richard Sherman, Ph.D., CE Program Director at or 360.452.5020.


  1. The Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation has been approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Foundation maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
  2. The State of California – Board of Behavioral Sciences (Approval # PCE1895).
  3. Our program, courses, and faculty have been reviewed for quality and approved by Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA).  Our CE courses are accepted by BCIA for use toward BCIA certification and recertification.