Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching

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Are you interested in becoming a health coach?  Our Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate offers you a key credential, linking you with prominent figures in 21st century healthcare and providing a supportive educational community in which to learn vital skills.

The certificate includes three academic courses, one residential conferences, one graduate colloquium, and a capstone integrative essay.


Coaching for Health and Wellness: This course provides students with an overview of the wellness field and coaching profession, an understanding of the principles of health and wellness coaching, an introduction to the science of lasting behavior change, and mentored practice in all of the core coaching skills and competencies defined by the International Coach Federation. This course reviews research documenting the effectiveness of health and wellness coaching in corporate wellness programs, hospitals, clinical practices, and through independent wellness coaching partnerships. The course includes a video-based training conferences and online learning.

Intermediate Health and Wellness Coaching: This course introduces a variety of advanced techniques for health and wellness coaching. Students learn to use a number of assessment tools to help facilitate awareness and accountability in the coaching partnership. They hone basic coaching skills and refine their process coaching skills, allowing them to better support their clients in moving through resistance and fears. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of establishing their own coaching practice, as well as connected to professional organizations that will provide networking and continuing education opportunities. The course includes a two-day residential conference and online learning.

Advanced Coaching Practicum: This course provides advanced supervised experiential learning and skills development in health and wellness coaching. It also provides regular online and video-conference call discussions, and mentoring with faculty and fellow coaching certificate students. Students will complete a capstone integrative essay during their Advanced Practicum class, summarizing their learning in this course sequence.

The tenth credit is a one-credit Graduate Colloquium course, continuing through the entire time the student is in the Certificate program. The student is assigned a mentor, who conducts the Graduate Colloquium and provides academic guidance and support. 

Department of Mind-Body Medicine students already take a two-credit Graduate Colloquium and have an assigned mentor. They will not need to take this additional one-credit Graduate Colloquium. If you are a current student in the Department of Mind-Body Medicine or in another Saybrook degree program, talk with your faculty mentor about enrolling for this certificate.

The Certificate Program in Health and Wellness Coaching provides an alternative for the individual who wishes to obtain a comprehensive introduction to health coaching, without undertaking an academic degree program. The certificate is a 10-credit program, including three academic courses, two residential conferences, one graduate colloquium, and an integrative capstone essay.


Course # Course Name Credits
MBM 5506 Certificate Colloquium 1
MBM 5593 Advanced Coaching Practicum and Integrative Capstone Essay 3
MBM 5630 Coaching for Health and Wellness 3
MBM 5632 Intermediate Coaching 3


Certificate Requirements for 2015-2016 Academic Year approved by MBM Degree Program Committee.