Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry Certificate Programs

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Saybrook University offers nine exciting certificate programs through our Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology. Our certificate programs offer a variety of topics relevant in today's world. From existential psychology, to integrative healthcare, these certificates offer you the humanistic education you desire in a convenient certificate program you need. These certificates are available to degree and non-degree students alike. For degree students in any of the schools, their completion will require additional credits beyond that required for the degree. For additional detail, review each of our certificates below. Or fill out the request form on the right for more information.

Students may decide to pursue more than one certificate. In addition, if a certificate offered within a Specialization is completed at the master’s degree level, a Specialization designation (i.e., Consciousness, Spirituality, & Integrative Health; Creativity Studies; Existential, Humanistic, & Transpersonal Psychology; or Transformative Social Change) requires completion of an additional 3 credits of study. For doctoral students, such a Specialization designation will require the completion of an additional 6 credits of study in the doctoral program.

For most 16-credit Certificates, you must complete four 3-credit certificate courses, one 3-credit practicum course, and a 1-credit integrative paper that ties course study and research together. If allowed, Saybrook students may transfer credits earned through a Certificate towards their degree program.

Email Admissions or contact your faculty adviser to see about completing a certificate as part of, or in addition to, your degree.