InterAct: Skills for Adaptive Leadership

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InterAct for Leadership

This exceptional three-day workshop focuses on building effective communication skills for successful personal and professional relationships. You'll learn advanced leadership skills designed to strengthen both personal and working relationships and how to increase productivity. All of our workshops blend applied behavioral science skills with experiential learning methodology.

Who Should Take This Workshop?

This workshop is especially valuable if you play a strategic role in organizational settings as an executive, manager, or staff member in either the private or public sectors.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to communicate clearly and openly.
  • Ways to manage your reactivity to others in moments of intensity.
  • How to respond quickly and thoughtfully in intense situations.
  • Self-awareness and understanding of what impact your behavior has on others.
  • Methods for taking a clear stand on important issues while staying connected to colleagues with different points of view.
  • How to contribute meaningfully to the health of organizations and communities.

Meet the Instructor

Dan Leahy, MA, LIOS Integrated Programs Director, is an innovative leadership development specialist. Dan has 22 years of leadership education experience and another 16 years as a clinical therapist, and brings a unique blend of interpersonal and organizational perspective to his work. Dan also previously served as President of LIOS for six years. As a LIOS alumnus himself, he has a deep appreciation for the work that LIOS brings into the world.

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