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Tuition Payment Option Agreement (TPOA)

Degree-seeking students are required to submit a Tuition Payment Option Agreement (TPOA) each semester. The TPOA identifies the financial obligations a student undertakes at Saybrook University. Submission of a complete TPOA establishes the student’s financial commitment to her or his program and enables enrollment in classes, availability of instructors, and academic and administrative services.

If the TPOA is not completed by the due date, the student’s account will be placed on Administrative Hold. Students are expected to meet their payment obligations according to their TPOA. Students will not receive monthly bills and are responsible for keeping track of their payment due dates.

Students relying on federal or private loans for tuition payment must have completed all necessary loan arrangements so that such loans are approved and on file with the Financial Aid Office by the first payment due date each semester. If the financial aid deadline is not met, students are required to make monthly out-of-pocket tuition payments of one-quarter of the total tuition due for the semester until the loan money becomes available.

Complete the TPOA

Available Payment Methods

  • Approved Student Loans
  • Check: made payable to Saybrook University
  • Credit Card: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover
  • Wire Transfer (fee will be charged)

Available Payment Plans

  • Payment in Full: due by the start of the semester
  • Installment Plan: 4 installments paid according to the schedule listed on the TPOA (available to degree-seeking students only)

Unless otherwise informed, students are subject to the standard Saybrook fee structure

For all tuition, balance, or payment plan questions, contact the Business Office:

  • Toi Kawaii
    Student Accounts Specialist
    Business Office
    fax: 415.433.9271

Mailing Address

  • Saybrook University
    Attn: Student Payments
    747 Front Street, 3rd Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111-1920