President's Welcome

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Welcome to the Saybrook University online home

Dear Student or Prospective Student,

Saybrook emerged out of a movement in psychology that said:  you cannot reduce people to component parts.  You cannot reduce them to their biochemistry, or their neural patterns, or their cultural conditioning, or their genes.  

If you want to understand people, let alone help them, you have to understand them as whole people - who have biochemistry and neural patterns and cultural conditioning and all of that, but who also have hopes and dreams, thoughts and feelings, emotional lives and spiritual lives, and who make meaningful choices. These things cannot be put aside or factored out: they are essential to understanding both humanity writ large and the smallest individual person.

Since our founding 40 years ago, we have committed ourselves to advancing and broadening this tradition of humanistic scholarship from the field of psychology into other academic disciplines. Today Saybrook has four schools, each of which places humanistic values and whole person scholarship, at the center of a different field:  the School of Organizational Leadership & Transformation, the School of Mind-Body Medicine, the School of Clinical Psychology, and the School of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry.

Your exploration of these subjects will reveal to you the depth and breadth with which we engage areas of study vital to our changing world -- a world where Saybrook's ethos, vision and values of "graduate education for a just, humane and sustainable future" is a rare constant.

I believe in collaboration, which is an important aspect of the humanistic tradition. As such, we strive to achieve our goals collaboratively by involving staff, administration, current students, faculty, alumni/ae and the Board of Trustees in expanding and strengthening our University to include many other fields of study in the future. We examine our role as a vanguard of the humanistic tradition by asking the question, "What does it mean to be human in the 21st Century," which looks at humanity's relationship to the natural world, technology, sustainability and social justice.

Saybrook University's model of education is grounded in experiential learning, real-world action, and studies relevant to you and the world. As you dig a little deeper into what we do and what we have to offer, I invite you to contact us with any questions your exploration might bring up for you. We are happy to share more about ourselves, and to discuss what we can help you accomplish. 

Our vision for our own future, where we intend to take this tradition of scholarship, service, and exploration, is outlined in the University's Strategic Agenda, which I have made available to you.  

I am happy to welcome you to our community of learning and action, and I am certain you will benefit immensely from your association with Saybrook and, even more importantly, through Saybrook with other students.


Mark Schulman