Masters or Doctoral Degrees in Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Systems, or Mind-Body Medicine

Saybrook University offers MA, MS and PhD graduate degrees through five cohesive departments focused on specific disciplines and career outcomes

  • Leadership and Management
  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Counseling
  • Humanistic and Clinical Psychology
  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Take advantage of our hybrid educational program, which combines online graduate education with residential learning, to integrate your studies with your busy professional and personal lives.

Earn an advanced degree from an accredited graduate school celebrating more than 40 years of commitment to the humanistic tradition.

If you are interested in changing the world, you are interested in Saybrook.

Saybrook graduates brief the United Nations and the White House; they open neighborhood drug clinics; they teach at major schools around the world; they design new treatments for people suffering from chronic pain; they help developing governments how to find collaborative solutions; they consult for Fortune 100 companies; they work to make social services more effective and humane; they build programs for the Red Cross; they write books; they give lectures and run workshops; they bring warring cultures together. 

  • Maximize your learning with:

  • Online courses and residential conferences that expand your learning horizon
  • Counseling and support from experienced professionals already working in your chosen field.
  • Financial aid, including scholarship opportunities

Saybrook Graduates

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