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The recognized global leader in humanistic and existential psychology, Saybrook’s PhD program in clinical psychology asks the big questions: how do we help others live more meaningful lives? How do people heal themselves?

The most influential minds in psychology have always been both researchers and therapists – scholars and practitioners. Their work has defined the cutting edge, helped explore what it means to be human, and helped millions of people live better lives.

That’s what Saybrook’s Psychology PhD with a specialization in Clinical Psychology teaches you to do: make your mark as a researcher, make your mark as a practitioner, combine the library and the street for the betterment of the world.

A tradition of excellence at the edge

Saybrook takes psychology beyond anti-depressants, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance regulations and engages you in meaningful research on what it means to live a healthy life … mind, body, and spirit … and how we get there. You’ll be training to add your voice to our understanding of humanity.

At the same time, the PhD clinical psychology specialization prepares you to be a working therapist, engaging with patients, and putting your research into practice. As a Saybrook student, you’ll go beyond traditional psychodynamic therapy, accessing training on existential and mind-body therapeutic techniques taught by leaders in those fields. From courses on therapy throughout the lifespan to workshops on medical hypnosis and biofeedback, Saybrook faculty can help you to develop a specialized practice or area of expertise. You’ll get the skills and knowledge you need to be recognized as exceptional.

(Note that licensing requirements vary significantly from state to state. Consult an admissions specialist on requirements for the state you wish to practice in.)

Study anywhere while you work

The PhD program uses Saybrook’s low-residency model of distance learning. You'll study online with a cohort of fellow students from around the country (even the world) and meet twice a year for intensive personal training. You can complete your degree without relocating, and without leaving your current career.

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