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Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs

Saybrook’s graduate programs in clinical psychology focus on the knowledge, experience, and practical skills you need to enter the profession as a licensed therapist. Our clinical programs include core courses, hands-on training at residential conferences, and close mentoring from faculty who are active practitioners.

We offer four clinical programs:

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MA Psychology Counseling Licensure, Seattle Program (LIOS)

You'll study multiple models of counseling theory with an emphasis on developing the specific competencies of the therapist: the art of joining and active listening, creating resiliency within a family system, and crafting conversations of possibility and change. The pedagogy for our residential programs is grounded in the integration of three core elements: applied behavioral science, systems theory, and experiential learning. This program shares a first year core curriculum with the MA Organizational Systems program in Seattle.

MA in Counseling

Our MA in Counseling program provides you with practical, hands-on experience. This clinical, career-focused, counseling degree program offers the current year educational requirements needed to sit for multiple licensing examinations. The program is designed to embrace outreach to diverse communities and support a wide spectrum of professional activities, letting you choose the kind of therapist you want to be. The breadth and flexibility of this degree prepares you to work in many states, enabling you to pursue your career where destiny takes you.

PhD in Clinical Psychology

The PhD in Psychology with a Clinical Psychology specialization is ideal if you are interested in both the practice and the academic study of clinical psychology. This degree program, which emphasizes humanistic and transpersonal perspectives, combines the scholarly expertise and research orientation of a PhD with preparation for a career in clinical practice. As a graduate, you join other Saybrook alumni as a scholar-practitioner having an impact on how psychology is taught in the classroom and used in the field.

PhD Psychology, Psychophysiology Specialization

The only doctoral specialization in applied psychophysiology in the world, this program offers you a unique range of assessment and intervention techniques to help patients and clients achieve optimal function and performance in sports, business, educational, and recreational settings.

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Recognized as one of the world’s leading centers for scholarship in humanistic psychology, Saybrook focuses on a holistic view of the "patient" as a human being. Our faculty are experienced providers of mental health care who can help aspiring therapists navigate the world of insurance regulations and licensing procedures while remaining true to their goal of supporting the whole person.