Virtual Teams in a Global World: The Management Challenge of the 21st Century

If you're a mid-level manager in any functional area who must not only confront, but conquer the challenges of cross culture management and global business management, consider Saybrook's new MA in Management with a Specialization in Global Workforce Collaboration through our School of Organizational Leadership & Transformation (OLT). Turn these challenges into opportunities with a transformative approach to business management skills in a global environment.

Global companies, non-profit organizations, and other international institutions must now seek success in an ever-changing and ever-challenging environment. Employees, vendors, customers, competitors, and governments must interact, in spite of being separated by language, culture, time zones, and distance. Now compound these discontinuities with differences in traditions, values, education, and access to resources and technology. 


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Phil Lundberg

Unlike many other global management programs, we approach the zesty challenge of globalization through the lens of transformative leadership and people-focused management. You'll graduate having mastered the tools to handle this complex workspace. Most of all, you'll learn how to bring out the best in employees scattered around the world, taking advantage of global differences to spark creative ideas, develop innovative products, and solve problems.

Our innovative program uses multi-cultural team teaching, real-world applications, and a blended learning model to create an educational experience that mirrors your day-to-day management reality. Each semester you'll take two concept courses and an application course to put your learning into practice. You'll also attend a residential conference each term that offers both face-to-face seminars and a chance to meet both student and faculty members of your learning team. During the semester, you'll take advantage of online courses that enable you to study - and collaborate - from anywhere in the world at any time.

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