Develop Your Ability to Lead, Design, And Transform

As a graduate of Saybrook's MA and PhD Programs in Organizational Systems, you will be prepared to lead, manage, and consult on systemic change in social entrepreneurship, business, education, healthcare, government, non-profit organizations, and for all kinds of communities.

You will study with faculty who are not just scholars, but also sought-after business leaders  who work first-hand on the cutting edge of globalization, information technology, and new management practices. They have developed classes to help you learn 21st century skills, whether you are at the beginning of your career or an established leader who wants to take your work to the next level.

You may choose to specialize either your MA or PhD in Organizational Systems, which offers professional training for implementing sustainable practices in the use of human and social capital by individuals, organizations, and communities. Specializations include:

MA/PhD Organizational Systems, specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems

PhD Organizational Systems, specialization in Humane Education

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Watch Kathia Laszlo on collaborative education. "I think that at the core Saybrook students are change agents."

If you want to understand the nature of group dynamics, collaborative efforts, and transformative change, you'll find that the organizational studies program at Saybrook teaches you how to implement practices that enable organizations to develop, thrive, and last.

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