Graduate Degrees in Psychology & Interdisciplinary Inquiry (PII)

Our graduate programs in Psychology & Interdisciplinary Inquiry ask the big questions – what is the human spirit? What binds us together? What does it mean to be alive? You'll be challenged to find your own answers.

Humanistic psychology holds that people are active agents in a process of constantly engaging their humanity. Saybrook University, the top graduate school in humanistic psychology, has offered MA and PhD degrees in psychology for more than 40 years.

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Combining face-to-face residential conferences with online coursework, Saybrook's model of low-residency distance learning allow you to earn a fully accredited degree without relocating and while continuing to work. If you are interested in particular aspects of psychology research or practice, you may tailor your program by selecting a specialization, or pursuing a certificate in a particular area of focus.

Masters Programs

Our MA in Psychology is designed for people like you who are interested in supporting their career and research interests through a humanistic approach – putting people, their health, and their potential, at the center of what you do. It is also well-suited if you are engaged in healthcare, teaching, community development, consultation, mediation and conflict resolution, and many other career paths.

PhD Programs

Offering you an extraordinary look at human nature, Saybrook’s Psychology PhD offers both depth of study and breadth of opportunity. If you are preparing for a career in research, college teaching, educational administration, human resources, or criminal justice, you can tailor our basic 76-credit program to your specific interests with a concentration or certificate program. As always at Saybrook, you will be encouraged to follow your passion into an in-depth examination of current issues in psychology that will further your professional life.

You may choose to specialize either your MA or PhD in:

  • Creativity Studies
  • Jungian Studies
  • Existential, Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology
  • Consciousness Spirituality and Integrated Health
  • Tranformative Social Change

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