Take Your Practice to the Next Level, and Put Your Career on the Fast Track

Join the vanguard of healthcare professionals offering patients new and more effective forms of self-help and health management. Study in our nutrition graduate program to become a person-centered healthcare provider who combines a rigorous scientific understanding of nutrition and body with proven techniques that support the mind and spirit as well.

Intended for nutritionists, dietitians, and healthcare providers with a science background, our MS in Integrative and Functional Nutrition supplements a standard dietitian education program with integrative and functional nutrition classes to promote well-being and prevent illness. Enhance your practice with new evidence-based holistic techniques and embrace new opportunities to help patients become their best selves. This degree may help you open doors in settings ranging from personal practice to hospitals and community health centers.  Health practitioners who have both scientific training in functional nutrition and the psychological and holistic understanding of integrative care will be key contributors to any healthcare-related interdisciplinary team.

Ruthi Solari MBM Alumna

Grounded in hard science but emphasizing the person-to-person connection that makes patient care most effective, this unique program will help take your career in health care to a more personally-fulfilling level. 

The Saybrook MS in Integrative and Functional Nutrition emphasizes wellness, prevention and therapeutic nutrition, recognizing biochemical individuality and the role of lifestyle and environmental factors.  It emphasizes patient-centered care throughout the program, exploring ways patients can integrate nutrition with all aspects of a healthy life, incorporating the mind, body, and spirit.

Key to Saybrook's curriculum is your access to the expertise and attention of faculty in the Department of Integrative and Functional Nutrition. Our experienced researchers and practitioners, who are widely recognized in the field, serve as mentors, professional guides, and a personal support network for your goals and transformation

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  • First class starts with the Spring 2015 term on January 18, 2015 with a new student orientation 
  • Scholarships and other financial aid available.
  • No GRE required
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We also offer MS/PhD degrees in Mind-Body Medicine and a PhD in Integrative Mental Health.