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Transforming Education from Classroom to Common Core

Are you a transformational leader and educator who imagines creating long-lasting social, economic, political and structural change? Do you want to build global relevance and visionary new systems into your work and educational outreach?

The Ph.D. in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Humane Education combines the transformative emphasis of Saybrook's doctoral degree in Organizational Systems with the values and principles that undergird the programs offered by the Institute for Humane Education and Valparaiso University. Graduates of this program apply principles of creative and critical thinking, civic engagement, and informed decision-making across disciplines, at all levels of education. This is the only doctoral program in the country focused on the precepts of humane education.

Learn More About This Exciting Program. Complete the form on the right, selecting the PhD in Organizational Systems in the dropdown for Degree Program of Interest. You may ask for a faculty consultation in the question field.

The program is ideal for doctoral candidates who want to create transformational change in educational systems.It's for you if:

  • You want to become a principal, administrator, or director of a charter school or private school
  • You want to advance in the teaching profession with a degree compatible with your progressive beliefs
  • You want to influence public educational policy away from testing and toward learning and student-centered growth
  • You want to teach education at the college level
  • You want to serve on school boards, advisory councils, or government bodies tasked with educational reform
  •  You are passionate about the role of education in the 21st century and want to examine such questions as “What is the very purpose of education?” and “How can we create educational institutions, systems, and approaches to teaching and learning that fulfill that purpose?”

For more information, complete the form on the right. Select the PhD in Organizational Systems in the dropdown for Degree Program of Interest. Indicate Human Education in the question field.

The Process

  • Complete the application for the PhD in Organizational Systems.
  • Accepted applicants who have completed the humane education courses through the Institute of Humane Education/Valparaiso MA program may transfer up to 18 credits of that coursework into the 79 credit PhD program.
  • Accepted applicants who have not completed the IHE/Valparaiso coursework enroll in Saybrook courses as a full-time Saybrook student and become a visiting student at Valparaiso University for their IHE courses where you will take some of your first-year courses in their online learning environment and attend one summer residency.
  • Complete your remaining courses and requirements in Saybrook’s Organizational Systems PhD. program. This hybrid, low-residency program combines the convenience of online learning with face-to-face residential conferences each semester.

Get started now. Complete the form on the right. Select the PhD in Organizational Systems in the dropdown for Degree Program of Interest and enter Humane Education in the question  field.