Our Community

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Across the world, members of Saybrook University’s global community – alumni, students, and faculty – are working, studying, and making a difference.

They are transforming healthcare, providing organizational leadership, developing sustainable practices for businesses and communities, nurturing cross-cultural understanding, counseling and caring for populations in need, and revitalizing communities.

They are united not by location, but by ideas, and the commitment to being part of a humane and sustainable world.

Faculty member Joel Federman is working with activists around the globe to study how technology is changing social justice movements, while student Bill West uses humanistic psychology to reduce violence in the LA prison system.

Alumna Sylvia Boorstein is a bestselling author on meditation who helped found the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, while alumna Kelly Hudson owns a day care center in a small community. Alumna Gloria Burgess is a leading business consultant who works with companies that want to be socially and fiscally responsible.

Alumna Lois Koteen is a consultant who helps traditional synagogues better connect with 21st century parishioners and adjust their governing structure to be more democratic, while faculty member Marie DiCowden is a leading voice in the struggle to reform America’s health care system, and student Nicholas Mang is studying the psychology of local governments that embrace transformative change.

Saybrook University empowers every member of its community to follow their passion, pursue their life’s work, and dedicate themselves to a life of service and success – whether on the world stage or a small town.