Alexis Blount, Mind-Body Medicine student

Alexis Blount

Alexis Blount

Mind-Body Medicine Student

Like most health care providers, Alexis Blount wants to provide the best, evidence-based care to her patients. Alexis is a family nurse practitioner with undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing, psychology, and public health. Since going to graduate school is a big financial and lifestyle commitment, Alexis wanted to be sure she found a degree program that would not only support the work she was doing, but also give her new solutions to the challenges of healthcare in the 21st century.

“The program at Saybrook draws from all disciplines. It incorporates what I learned in nursing, psychology, and public health, and adds to it the missing dimension of the mind-body relationship.”

With courses in critical thinking and evidence-based research, Alexis chose a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine with a focus on Healthcare Systems.

“I cannot imagine a more supportive and vigorous learning environment.”

At Saybrook, Alexis says she has a mentor who acts like a coach. She also finds strong support from the students going through the program with her. Alexis connects with them at residential conferences and online for rich discussions, sharing experiences, professional advice, and friendship.

Since attending Saybrook, Alexis has taken a position in Corporate Health and Wellness at Cerner Corporation, where she sees her patients benefiting as well. “My background at Saybrook University interested my employer, who is looking for out-of-the box thinkers.”

She sees mind-body medicine offering an approach that is holistic, humanistic, and empowering to the individual.

“This is the power of the work we carry from Saybrook University into the world.”