Anna Negoescu, Mind-Body Medicine student

Anna Negoescu

Anna Negoescu

Mind-Body Medicine Student

Anna Negoescu was a new nurse, working in acute care and feeling that there was a disconnect between her training and what happened in practice. Trained to look at a patient holistically, she felt that the large systems where she practiced didn't view the whole patient, the interconnection of health, healing, emotion, thought, environment, and spirit.

Looking around, Anna began attending conferences to nurture her sense of holistic health. She discovered the Mind-Body Medicine program at Saybrook in 2010 and in 2012, she took the leap.

“Through Saybrook, I am confirming my earlier sense that the mind affects the body and that the body affects the mind.”

Anna is already using the skills she is learning in her current job as the program director of a mental health residence in northeast Pennsylvania serving individuals with serious mental illness. She started a group last fall to teach mind-body skills to both staff and consumers of their programs.

“As I practice the skills, I learn more about myself.  My journey takes me deep inside... The curriculum at Saybrook is more than learning the science. It is experiencing the science.”