Aurora Sidney-Ando, Psychology, Creativity Studies student

Aurora Sidney-Ando

Aurora Sidney-Ando

Psychology Student

When Aurora Sidney-Ando describes her educational experience at Saybrook University, she uses words like rewarding, awesome, affirmation and idealism.

The Alaska-based clinician currently works for the activity therapy department at AK Child & Family, and chose to pursue a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology because of her interest in expressive arts.

As a result Aurora was introduced to Saybrook's Creativity Studies faculty, and she knew that she'd found where she belonged.

Aurora says her instructors at Saybrook have encouraged her to stretch her imagination.

“It's been so rewarding to take classes where creativity is experienced and analyzed. It's an awesome
balance between academic discipline and reveling in the joy of being human.”

The biggest thing she's getting out of her courses so far, she said, is affirmation that a better world is possible. Aurora's first research professor at Saybrook played a big part in teaching her that idealism coupled with diligence can take her in the direction she wanted to go.

“I feel like I've been encouraged towards idealism and offered the tools to reach for it.”

Aurora is currently working on organizing a community performance with a group of youth where they can tell their stories and offer solutions for a more peaceful world. “I hope to use my interest in art as a means for building social harmony and peace,” she said.

In December 2014, Aurora plans to graduate and use her doctorate to further her work with at-risk children.