Carolyn Trasko, Mind-Body Medicine student

Caroly Trasko

Carolyn Trasko

Mind-Body Medicine Student

Carolyn Trasco, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and addiction and drug counselor in Connecticut, has been in practice for 12 years. Described by coworkers and classmates as dedicated and compassionate, she came to Saybrook University almost as an accident, but now feels right at home.

“I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be in the universe.”

Carolyn initially planned to enroll in another PhD program, but decided to continue looking when that school changed its program. While reading through professional journals, she found Saybrook. Now she's following her dream in our inaugural Integrative Mental Health specialization, which seeks to provide mental health practitioners with a broader array of assessment tools and treatment modalities to better serve their clients.

“It had to have happened exactly the way it did. If I had applied to the other program I would never have found Saybrook.”

Carolyn, who works as a Psychiatric Liaison in the Psychology Department of a local hospital, evaluates people with suicidal ideation, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and psychosis. She says that she has already been able to apply lessons from her classes into her patient work.

“My recent enrollment at Saybrook...gave me the additional tools to recognize that something was amiss and then to have the confidence to follow my intuition.”