Christina Thomas, Psychology

Photograph of Christina Thomas

Christina Thomas

Psychology Student

A massage therapist who worked in the United States and Asia, Christina Thomas is also a licensed counselor. She's also studied acupuncture, chi, and herbal medicine.

Despite her education, healing was for her an instinctive process: she understood that all of these different approaches can work well at different times – she just never knew how they all worked together.

That's why she came to Saybrook.

"I wanted to look at it more closely and learn how to put the things I knew intuitively into scholarly language – I wanted to better speak with my peers," she remembers. "That was important to me. I'm also taking care of my family, and I need to have the flexibility to come and go. Saybrook offered me that."

It was exactly what she was looking for. "This kind of education is for me – and Saybrook does it better than other distance programs I've been at," she says. "I've met some just incredible people here – instructors and students who are truly inspiring in what they're doing and their commitment to it. This program has been very good for me. It's gotten me set up: I feel that I have the skills and the wherewithal to move forward."

She also surprised herself, discovering that she loves researching new methods in Mind-Body Medicine as much as she does helping people with the ones she already knows.

"As I've moved through the research portions of this program I've become exposed to more hands-on research, and I've discovered that I'm driven to do it. That's exciting to me – and there are a lot of people at Saybrook who have a lot to share in that."

Once she completes her PhD, she says she's likely to continue her private practice – but says she's sure to keep writing. After all, she's in the process of developing her own biofeedback technique through her thesis: she might want to tell her peers about it.