Connie Curlett, LIOS Psychology MA in Counseling

Connie Curlet

Connie Curlett

LIOS Graduate College Alumni/a

“What I learned at LIOS,” says Connie Curlett, “is that my family-of-origin does not have to define me.”

When Connie started the LIOS MA program at Saybrook University she was a single monther in her 40’s.  She wanted to take her career to the next level – and she also wanted her children to see her graduate.

“To date none of my family has gone to college except me, and I wanted something more in my life,” she says.  “The academic structure of Saybrook made it possible for me to get my graduate degree while being a full time mom.”

Attending the LIOS MA program in psychology transformed Connie’s career:  today she’s a psychotherapist and certified life coach with a practice located in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood, working with individuals, couples and groups.  She also volunteers at a women’s transitional shelter.

But it was the personal transformation she experienced as a LIOS student that she says has changed her life the most.  “To my surprise, LIOS was like going to the chiropractor for the soul.  I got an internal alignment,” Connie said.

At the LIOS MA program Connie realized fear was keeping her from truly living. “The first year, I had no idea of how paralyzed I was by fear.  I had to remind myself that growth is painful, a good kind of pain.  The silver lining to the pain is that there is growth at the other end. By the second year and by the time I graduated LIOS provided me the opportunity to overcome my fear; LIOS was a powerful growth experience,” recalls Connie.

The LIOS MA program taught Connie how to be her authentic self.  “Just my way of being with people makes it easier for me to relax into my role as a therapist. I am able to call out what is in the room, especially with couples; I am a real straight shooter.  Because of my LIOS experience, I am not afraid to be direct,” says Connie.