Dan Leahy, LIOS Leadership and Organizational Development MA

Dan Leahy

Dan Leahy

LIOS Graduate College Faculty

Dan Leahy specializes in asking questions.  He thrives on conversations that live outside the box, that test conventional wisdom. His role in Saybrook’s Department of Leadership and Management has often been in the newest programs, the ones not yet established, where the opportunity to try something new is most present.

His connection to Saybrook began 1974 when he entered as a member of the LIOS MA program’s second class. Since then he has served in several roles, and currently serves as Core faculty in Saybrook’s LIOS integrative MA program.

“Although I’ve left LIOS to pursue other things more than once, I’ve been called back each time,” he says.

He keeps coming back to Saybrook because to him the LIOS program epitomizes Margaret Mead’s famous quote:  “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

“There aren’t many places I’m aware of that are centered on the practice of working and learning with others in the service of some greater good. I think of it as the ideal of ‘We the People,” says Dan.

For Dan, ‘re-membering’ ourselves into ‘We the People’ is a process that requires well-defined individuals work together, rather than in isolation.  “’We the People’ is not a ball of yarn. It’s more a rope made up of the individual strands that together can pull us out of our current ‘muck’ and in into a hoped for future,” he says.  “To weave such a ‘rope’ we have to be open to the ‘both/and.’ If we intend to support change towards health and wholeness, we have to be both responsible for, and collaborative with our contributions. I think this is at the heart of what we call the Core curriculum in the LIOS Integrative program.”

Dan sees this process of both accentuating the individual ‘thread’ of each student and weaving the strands together into the ‘rope’ of a learning community as the hallmark of transformative education.

“It’s inspiring to me to see students within the program remember their ‘purpose on the planet’ and discover how it connects with the those of others, and how they continue that process of discovery after graduation in their work with their clients and their communities,” says Dan.