Haley Lowe, Systems Counseling

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Haley Lowe

Organizational Systems Alumni/a 2013

“The LIOS MA program is about what lies inside of us and really tapping into what we have to offer as human beings on this planet," said Haley Lowe. "When my faculty asked me to think about where my deep hunger met the world’s greatest need, I knew I was in the right place.”

Before she joined the LIOS MA program at Saybrook University, Haley thought she was alone, wandering through the world feeling disconnected from true purpose. She remembers realizing her longing to do more with her talents and skills. She needed to find a way to contribute to something greater than herself. Haley was not alone in her deep desire to be connected and to create positive change in the world. Once she started her program, she discovered that her cohort was made up of a diverse cross-section of students who all carried stories and were dedicated to being lifelong learners.

“I searched my heart and my own story. I was able to find the gifts and talents that were unique to me. I found my signature presence and for the first time in my life I felt connected. I knew I belonged. I knew that my purpose on this planet was to help others find their true calling,” Haley said.

Through her classes, Haley found that she has a true ability to influence people. She recognizes that her role, as a therapist, is to be a teacher, and that through her work she has the opportunity to teach in an intimate environment. Since joining the LIOS MA program, Haley has been more deliberate when interacting with people; she does not minimize her own potential or the potential of others to change the world.

Haley believes all living beings are naturally driven to grow and strive for balance and harmony in their lives. “As humans we possess an innate desire to right what is wrong,” she said. “As a therapist, I have an amazing opportunity to help individuals find the courage and strength they need to transform their lives.”

Haley currently works in Olympia, WA at the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA), as a Functional Family Therapist Coordinator. She is both a consultant to parole counselors and Functional Family Therapist. Haley constantly utilizes the core foundation of the Leadership and Organizational Development skills taught in the LIOS program.

“I can embrace the sacred connection of witnessing a client’s story in therapy and gracefully transition into a complex and collaborative consultation process with a team of parole staff,” she said.

Haley believes the extraordinary education she received at Saybrook provided her with an incredibly unique skill set to be able to act and think systemically without sacrificing the integrity of any part of the system or individuals involved in the process.

Haley now sees opportunities for teaching and learning everywhere she looks. “LIOS taught me that even the ordinary is extraordinary when viewed through the lens of curiosity, hope, and possibility.”

Haley was afraid she was going to show up with energy and enthusiasm and the world was not going to meet her. “But now, whether it is in a meeting or with a client, I bring my authentic self and I am generally met with the same in return,” she says. Haley believes the power of respect, compassion, and authenticity cannot be understated when it comes to building relationships or organizational change.