Jeff McAuliffe, LIOS LOD

Jeff McAuliffe

Jeff McAuliffe

Organizational Systems Faculty


Jeff McAuliffe’s passion is grounded in the human dynamics of organizations, what he likes to call ‘the people plan’.  “The seed of my passion started in Pittsburg (Pennsylvania) with a ‘store workers collective,” a self-managing team, at a storefront food co-op. I was intrigued by the dynamics between the staff and board.  Sometimes we were in total flow and sometimes, with turn over, there was no flow at all,” explains Jeff.

As a student in the LIOS Leadership and Organization Development program, class of 87, Jeff’s intention was to learn how to work with the human side of organizations. He was able to make a career shift and accept a job at Boeing after graduation.  “I worked at Boeing for 10 years, it was amazing, it was like a candy story with so many different projects and opportunities in Organization Development. I was quickly recognized as being an effective consultant because of the skills I learned at LIOS,” explains Jeff.

Jeff was a part of the largest business re-engineering project on the globe.  Boeing collapsed 600 computing systems down to 4 major databases and changed the jobs of about 44,000 employees. “ I was part of a change management project focused on how to work with the people side of a multi-billion dollar technical change. I was part of a 5-person prototype team; we came up with what we called ‘the people plan’. We designed staff transition meetings around the grief cycle stages of William Bridges for folks whose jobs were being impacted. Transition moves at a different speed than change,” says Jeff.

During Jeff’s 10 years at Boeing he became a manager of the Organization and Management Development Office in Auburn.  He learned what an emotional challenge it is to be a manager.  “It is kind of like parenthood, you can read all the books, but there is not substitute for the real thing.  Having walked in the shoes of a manager, I am able to be a better faculty and consultant,” says Jeff.

Joining LIOS was a dream come true for Jeff. In 1992, 14 years before Jeff was offered a faculty position at LIOS, Jeff and his wife sat down to do their annual ‘future dreaming.’ Every year they create flip charts with life goals and intentions, 5, 10,15, 20 years out.  Jeff believes the likelihood of dreams coming to fruition increases when we make a point to state our intentions.  Jeff recalls, “I dreamed that I would like to change my career to a combo of teaching and external consulting.  I wrote LIOS on the flip chart next to teaching.  I never imagined that I could fill those shoes, but I was dreaming. I had been carrying this image for 14 years when the opportunity showed up.”

Jeff is now in his seventh year of teaching at LIOS. Jeff is also an external consultant.  His practice focuses on lean and Leadership coaching.  Jeff is a sub contractor with a fellow LIOS grad, Carlos Venegas, founder of Lean Office Innovation.  Jeff reflects, “When working with a LIOS grad, the ‘people plan’, the human side of change is more accessible.”