Jorge Taborga, Organizational Systems, PhD

Jorge Taborga

Jorge Taborga

Organizational Systems Student

Jorge Taborga put theory into practice after starting his doctoral studies in organizational systems at Saybrook.

As vice president of manufacturing, quality, and information technology at Omnicell, a California-based company that develops and markets automation solutions for medication management, Jorge has been exploring ways to improve strategy implementation, teamwork and high performance in his organizations.

Jorge recalls one of his experiences.  “We finished a large systems and process implementation project.  Our ability to transact was seriously compromised.  I was relatively new to the company and realized that we did not know how to work in teams and that learning was not embedded in the organization dynamics.  To address our situation, we formed a team with the leaders of every function and met daily without time constraints.  Our sessions were dialogical.  I wanted to hear everyone and also wanted everyone to be heard and connect to the people outside their function.  Much work took place during the one year we met as a team.  In the end, we learned to work together, trust each other and accomplish much.  A few years years have gone by and I see how much we were transformed by that period of intense team development.”

Jorge has applied to his work almost every subject as he learned it.  Transformative learning theories, and in particular, Action Learning teams, were applied to the teams he led as part of his company’s strategic initiatives.   He formed a cross-functional environmental sustainability team with volunteers which after a year of tangible results became recognized as a strategic initiative for the company.  This team propelled the company to recycle 100% of the electronic and packaging materials they use.  Omnicell’s new headquarters building in Mountain View, CA is LEED Platinum certified.  Sustainability is one of the subjects that Jorge learned at Saybrook and applied it at his workplace.  “I am so happy that I had the opportunity to bring ‘green’ practices to the company.  This is one of my greatest job satisfactions,” Jorge said. “I appreciate every subject I learned at Saybrook. Many of the changes are now part of my organizations’ DNA.”

Jorge’s interest in teams grew out of more than 20 years of experience as an executive and as a management consultant in the technology sector working on organizational change projects. “I realized the real key to success is on the people side of business,” Jorge said. Through his doctoral studies, Jorge said he’s started thinking and reflecting differently, which benefits the work he does on teams.

“What I love about Saybrook is that the assignments are not cookie cutter,” Jorge said. “You can let your imagination run. If you have a particular idea, you can pursue it or you can apply your learning to your work.”

The curriculum in the organizational systems program has also taught Jorge to view organizational complexity through various lenses, which has awakened different perspectives in him.  “So much about transformation and change hinges on how complexity is understood,” Jorge said. “I don’t think you can handle complexity or manage it, but you can interact with it. The more you know about it, the more you understand it. It’s about learning how to interact with complexity in a way where transformation can be a fulfilling experience.”

Jorge’s Saybrook studies have also helped him achieve a professional goal: becoming a professor. Now an adjunct faculty member at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Jorge teaches organizational change to MBAs while he works toward his Ph.D at Saybrook. “That, to me, is very fulfilling,” Jorge said about teaching. “I’m able to connect with students and feel like I’m bringing value to their lives.”

To Jorge, Saybrook has been an ongoing journey of discovery.