Juanita Ratner, Psychology, Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health

Juanita Ratner

Juanita Ratner

Psychology Student

Juanita Ratner (MA, Counseling) was working two jobs, one as a Licensed Professional Counselor in a small, holistic, private practice in Denver, and another as a teacher of foundational psychology courses to masters’ students at Regis University. To be allowed to create a curriculum that reflected her interests in spirituality, she needed a PhD in Psychology that would provide both the necessary academic credentials and a conceptual background.

A few years earlier, she had read about Saybrook University’s grounding in humanistic psychology; now everything clicked.

“I wanted specializations that reflect my interests: consciousness, spirituality, dreams, humanistic psychology... .And I wanted to pursue this study in an integrative way. Voila! That’s Saybrook!“

Now Ratner is working on her PhD in the Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality & Integrative Health. Simultaneously she’s earning certificates in Dream Studies and Existential-Humanistic-Transpersonal Psychology. Continuing her private practice while taking convenient online classes, she easily applies what she learns to her clients.

“I considered myself a good therapist before, but [now] my therapy is becoming …much more experiential, [with] a deeper level of presence.”

At Residential Conferences, she feels she’s found a community of friends who are “genuine searchers“ and who support her pursuit of knowledge. And she’s been inspired by faculty who have published multiple books, while receiving extensive support from her faculty mentor and academic advisor.

“One of the biggest things I’ve gotten out of [Saybrook] is the opportunity to explore my real questions and my passions.”

Ratner, who hopes to graduate in 2016, plans to mentor other counselors and continue to explore how psychological healing can be achieved through counseling and spiritual wholeness. That should keep this virtuoso occupied, while she plays piano, writes poetry, and enjoys life as a mother of five grown children and grandmother of four.