Kate Butcher, LIOS LOD

Kate Butcher

Kate Butcher

Organizational Systems Alumni/a

Kate Butcher spent decades working in computers for large organizations, until she realized that something terrible had happened:  she’d lost herself.

“My background, growing up in the UK and working in large organizations, did not prepare me very well to talk about my feelings.   I had lost the ability to listen to cues from my body.”

She was well prepared for the career she was on, with bachelor degrees in computer science and mathematics and an MBA, but she wasn’t finding career success a good substitute for finding herself.

“After 25 years of working in large organizations, I was keen to do something different,” Kate remembered.  “I had a deep curiosity about people and psychology and wondered how I might combine by business background with this new interest. I met Dan Leahy, a member of LIOS’ core faculty, while he was facilitating a community development program, and so started my two year journey and made the decision to attend the LIOS program at Saybrook. I was probably the most left brained person in the class, I had a very hard time getting in touch with my feelings, never mind talking to them.”

Prior to attending Saybrook , Kate’s working model for her career was predominantly about ‘getting the job done’, whereas with friends and family she was all about ‘spending time and having fun’.  Kate split herself in two, which she believes contributed to a lot of her stress and frustration.

But her work in the classroom made a real difference in her life.

“At LIOS, I worked hard to get back in touch with my body and to be able to speak to my feelings.  Recognizing and talking through my emotions was really hard, I felt very different,” Kate recalled.

After graduating from Saybrook in 2012, Kate was offered the curriculum manager position at Leadership Eastside, an organization who’s mission is to promote connections, develop and enrich leaders, and be a catalyst for communities to address important issues and meet the challenges of a diverse and dynamic region.  Currently, Kate manages the two-year curriculum, leads sessions, and engages volunteer facilitators and coaches. “Our curriculum goals are to equip the classes with community leadership skills, inform them about the issues in our community, and mobilize them to do great community work.  We are not just a community leadership program, we want to ensure we have great people doing great work in our community to actively address key issues,” says Kate.

“Remembering how I held myself at LIOS, helps me help other people go through the journey at Leadership Eastside.  We ask people to think about their internal triggers and focus on maintenance and task.  I remember my LIOS experience and struggles. I feel a lot healthier now.  I love my job.  Having been through the experience I am able to help others through their journey,” explains Kate.

She’s definitely found herself.