Kerebo Abuya, Organizational Systems student

Kerebo Abuya

Kerebo Abuya

Organizational Systems Student

Interest in Saybrook is not limited by national boundaries. Kerubo Abuya, who lives in Gusiiland, Kenya, is an international doctoral student who has found that our programs in Organizational Systems apply to many cultures. Abuya, who has a BA from the University of Nairobi, an MS from Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia, and an MBA from Colorado State University, was already taking a leading role in organizational transformation projects in Kenya when she decided to enroll at Saybrook.

Her work included efforts to advance gender equality, human rights, and children's and women's rights. Even while studying, she maintains active affiliations with The Center for Partnership Studies and the Caring Economy Campaign in Kenya, both of which focus on developing "systems of partnership" instead of "systems of domination." Her goals at Saybrook are specific:

“I want to focus on how leaders and other stakeholders can enable social systems that consistently uphold human dignity while meeting organizational goals.”

She is also co-founder of Tunza Ubuntu International, a new non-profit that leverages the African philosophy of Ubuntu to enable a caring economy. She volunteers with the 2012 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Project on Female Genital Mutilation, and supports initiatives by the African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) with a special focus in the area of women's leadership development.

Abuya, who was especially attracted to the humanistic values and principles of the OS program, calls her experience at Saybrook personally transformative as well.

“The support and mentoring I have received from faculty has been exemplary. "[It's]...made it possible for explore certain areas of study and practice that I might never have thought of before.”

Abuya appreciates the flexibility of being able to take courses and communicate with faculty and peers online. Now that she's working on her dissertation, she is allowed to complete requirements for residential conferences closer to Kenya.

If all goes as planned, she will graduate in August 2014, empowering her to focus her full efforts on the realization of social justice in the 21st century.