Khwezi Mbolekwa, Organizational Systems student

Khwezi Mbolekwa

Khwezi Mbolekwa

Organizational Systems Student

Khwezi Mbolekwa expected his classes at Saybrook University to be challenging academically. When he decided to pursue his Masters and PhD in Organizational Systems, he consulted people who had completed, taught and designed organizational development programs, as well as people who worked in the field and at major conferences.

“Saybrook kept popping up in those conversations as a place that was innovative, out there doing interesting stuff.”

What Khwezi didn't expect was to have his eyes opened to a completely new way of observing life. He says the lenses through which he views events, people, and circumstances have been clarified and multiplied.

“The power of humility, compassion, and awareness has been a revelation. How I see the world, react to it, and lived within it are forever changed.”

As regional director for Organizational Development and Engagement for a regional health authority in British Columbia, Khwezi plans to use what he’s learned to help develop healthy, humble leaders who see their role as being in service of and to others in the world.

Khwezi will graduate with his MA in Organizational Systems this semester and plans to pursue his PhD at Saybrook.