Laura Edelstein, LIOS Clinical Psychology

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Laura Edelstein

Clinical Psychology Alumni/a

For Laura Edelstein, a counselor who’s youngest client is 7 and who’s oldest client is in his 40s, the best advantage to her Saybrook education was learning to “be able to sit with anyone or anything that comes in the room.”

Laura is an individual, families, and couples counselor, as well as, a drug and alcohol counselor. Laura conducts drug and alcohol assessments, mental health assessments, and leads out patient groups.

Saybrook’s LIOS psychology program specializing in counseling has helped define her approach as a therapist, and put her on the path to success.

“At LIOS, I gained a learning community, one that really nourishes me,” she said.  “The cohort added to my experience because I felt safe to learn.    I was able to be vulnerable and push myself.  I got better at giving and receiving feedback.  I picked the right school because I learned how to be present with people.  When a client is upset with me, I am able to lean in with curiosity and empathy rather than judgment.”

Before Laura had graduated she was offered a job through the connections she made from LIOS.  “At my internship site, I was hired because of the LIOS reputation.”

Laura remembers the key phrases from her LIOS faculty; that have been worth following throughout her professional life.   “The faculty were so amazing, they had wise key phrases, and insightful ways to be of service to people.  I really admired who they were as clinicians.  They were my inspiration.”