Laura Tadd, Human Science

Photograph of Laura Tadd

Laura Tadd

Human Science Student

There's an old saying that you should have an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

That's what Laura Tadd was looking for in her education: the chance to ask unconventional questions in a place that valued rigorous answers.

It was amazingly hard to find.

"I was a psychology major, and the program was all about preparing people for exams instead of educating them," she said. "And I have a major problem with that."

After graduating from Antioch Laura was hoping to become a counselor, but was unhappy with every psychology graduate program she tried.

"I was looking all over the country for the right school," she remembers. "I felt very challenged to find a school that was both alternative in philosophy and yet rooted academically – and I couldn't. I found schools that were so open that there was no foundation to them academically, and other schools that were just closed minded. It was very difficult."

One day, after a presentation, she found literature for Saybrook on a table. She knew Saybrook by reputation … and had even had a relative graduate from it … but hadn't put much thought into distance learning programs. Still, her curiosity was piqued.

"After seeing that I went to the Saybrook website and clicked on Human Science and – OH! That was it!" she said. "That was exactly what I wanted: it looked at the things I thought I needed to be taken into account, it was grounded and it was open minded, it let me incorporate all the things I thought were important into one program."

Now she's studying for her PhD, and is confident that there will be a place for her in the professional world.

"What I have found is that Saybrook is highly respected out in the world," she said. "It says something to me that this school is respected by other reputable institutions: that's rarely the case with schools that allow alternative research, and that's what I needed."