Laurie Rosenfeld, LIOS

Photograph of Laurie Rosenfeld

Laurie Rosenfeld

LIOS Graduate College Alumni

Laurie Rosenfeld had been working for other organizations, first as a lawyer and then as a management consultant, when she realized that she actually wanted to be working for herself.

Looking back, she says, “I wasn’t sure if I should start my own business, or how I would do it, but I knew that I wanted to. I’d been trained to do my job, sure, but I felt like I’d been given the Cliff Notes version of organizational development, and now I wanted the whole book.”

Determined to get the education she needed, Laurie began looking at graduate schools. “I do a lot of research when I investigate programs,” she said – and when she found LIOS late in her search, she knew she’d found something extraordinary.

“I went to a LIOS information session, and what I noticed right away was their focus on people, instead of just on credentials. And something clicked,” she says. “Often in the business world, there’s a lot of glitz without much substance underneath. LIOS wasn’t glitzy. There was substance. We dove right into the learning. I left the two hour session with something of value that I could use in my life and career, right away. That was incredible. I knew this was the program for me.”

The experience of getting her MA in Organizational Systems, Leadership and Organization Development exceeded Laurie’s expectations.

“It’s a brilliant program,” she says. “You get lots of feedback. You gain a lot of self-awareness. By the time you graduate you’re really grounded as a practitioner. That’s something about LIOS that is unique: anybody can read books and understand materials, but that doesn’t help you to think on your feet. LIOS’s laboratory environment trains you to do that.”
Laurie is now preparing to set up her own consulting business. She’ll also offer executive coaching – something she discovered that she loved while at LIOS. For her, the experience was as much a personal as a professional transformation.

“LIOS doesn’t just teach you how to do what everyone else is doing, or promote the idea that we all have to use exactly the same tools or that there’s only one approach to solving a problem,” Laurie says. “LIOS helps you develop your own signature presence in your field. Faculty and fellow students support you in asking ‘what is it that I, as a unique individual, have to bring?’ Then, when you bring yourself to this work, you offer something that no one else does. And that is powerful.”