Mary Singler, Mind-Body Medicine PhD student

Mary Singler

Mary Singler

Mind-Body Medicine Student

"I quickly realized that I had found my home."

In 2007, Mary Singler stepped back from her job in the world of finance and realized that it wasn't what she wanted. She was 56 years old with a Masters in clinical nursing and had left the medical profession; but it hadn't left her.

"I found that I was always talking with clients, company owners, and fellow executives about health issues," she said, "so I decided to follow my life-long passion of health education." That meant going back to graduate school to acquire new skills.

When she looked at Saybrook, Singler found a program that fit her long-term goal to become not just an educator, but an educator prepared to reshape the American healthcare system.

"Saybrook's Mind-Body Medicine program is at the cutting edge in education dynamics, and in incorporating all the facets of what constitutes health - mind, body, and spirit - in order to make a healthier America."

After she graduates, Singler plans to use her PhD to teach physicians, nurses, and the general public about heart health. She's also interested in becoming certified as a hypnotherapist, specifically to work with women with cardiovascular disease. "I believe Saybrook will become known as a forerunner across the world in.... how to better attain an improved state of health and sense of well-being."

Without a doubt, Singler will be among those in the lead.