Michelle LaMasa, Mind-Body Medicine

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Michelle LaMasa

Mind-Body Medicine Student 2013

The education that I have received through the School of Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University has provided me with many new professional opportunities. Upon entering this program, the major source of my income depended on teaching distance education classes in Religious Studies. The experiences I have had through Saybrook allowed me to step into mind-body medicine as a profession. I began facilitating mind-body skills groups as part of my first year coursework in the School of Mind-Body Medicine. That blossomed into my completing the Center for Mind-Body Medicine certification process, receiving a Teaching Fellowship with Saybrook University, and working with many individuals privately to educate and support them in their quest toward health and wellness. 

My schedule became quite full because of my PhD clinical practicum experience, which also increased my private practice significantly. I have been invited to continue working with each of the physicians in the medical setting, where I completed the practicum. I began presenting workshops, seeing additional clients for mind-body skills and wellness education, and have begun working with the physicians to design programs to support individuals as they move through illness toward health.

These experiences have come as a welcome surprise. I never anticipated being able to change careers prior to graduation. However, the training and education enabled me to make a professional shift and to focus my attention on mind-body medicine. I actually have to be mindful of how much time I commit each week in working with individuals, as my commitment to complete the PhD program is still my priority. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of being able to fully commit to this field of mind-body practice. I am filled with gratitude for the profound experiences and opportunities that I have been given through this program.