Morrice Apprey, Clinical Psychology Student

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Morrice Apprey

Clinical Psychology Student

For Morrice Apprey, being a therapist is a family affair. His mother was a music therapist, and his father -- who graduated from Saybrook in 1990 with his PhD -- is a psychoanalyst who worked with Anna Freud and Amedeo Giorgi. When it came time for Morrice to choose a PhD program, he knew he was looking for a place that would enable him to make use of his passions and apply them clinically to help people.

“I've always known what I wanted to do, to be able to take the fields of psychology, exercise, and fitness, and put them together to help people change the way they think and function in life.”

Morrice entered Saybrook's Psychology PhD program, specializing in Clinical Psychology, with big goals, and he’s confident that Saybrook is the best place to help him achieve them.

“I wanted to study at Saybrook because after I finish I'll be able to combine the skills I've gained from the community, from work experiences, and from the classroom - all those things - and apply them in ways that meet people at their individual needs.”

He says, "A lot of universities will use cognitive behavioral therapy or just one specific mode of working with people. To be able to come to an institution where I can, in a sense, be eclectic, but be knowledgeable in each one, is a joy."

Morrice is currently working as the student assistance program manager for the Region Ten Community Services Board in Charlottesville, VA. He plans to graduate in 2015.