Suzanne Tuckey, Clinical Psychology Student

Suzanne Tuckey

Suzanne Tuckey

Clinical Psychology Student

“Saybrook continues to amaze and inspire me.”

During her undergraduate years at Southern Methodist University, Suzanne Tuckey did not take a single psychology course. She earned her bachelor's in mathematics and economics, and took a job analyzing passenger demand in the airline industry.

Then, by chance, Tuckey signed up to take an undergraduate psychology class after work and was hooked. She was interested in pursuing psychology at the graduate level. Once a professor suggested Saybrook, Tuckey never looked back.

“There is no university more deeply rooted in the humanistic-existential tradition and one with a more accomplished faculty...Saybrook has an ideal blend of incredible intellect and heart.”

Tuckey describes herself as having an explorer's way of being. She appreciates that Saybrook recognizes individual students for their unique potential and encourages them to be all they can be. "Being part of a community of fellow explorers who share a sense of responsibility and heart is a powerful and empowering thing." Tuckey graduated with her MA with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2008.

She is now in the Clinical Psychology PhD program and plans to take a path somewhat different than her fellow doctoral students: instead of going into private practice she hopes to continue in an analytical role within the travel industry.