Toula Kelikian, Mind-Body Medicine student

Toula Kelikian

Toula Kelikian

Mind-Body Medicine Student

Toula Kelikian (RN/MS), who is currently a nursing instructor at Morton College in Illinois, was a natural for Saybrook University long before she started researching PhD programs. Early on in her 31-year career as a registered nurse, Kelikian noticed how the power of positive thinking could affect healing outcomes.

Instead of focusing on the quantitative data from lab tests and machine readings, she would often ask patients to tell her about themselves, their lives, and their interests. She says she would witness an almost immediate decrease in their pain and anxiety levels as they focused on the things that brought them joy, as opposed to the fear and anxiety of their current condition.

Kelikian was practicing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) without even realizing it. When she heard about Saybrook's PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and new specialization in Integrative Mental Health, she knew that it was the program for her.

“Saybrook was the only university that spoke to my passion for complementary and alternative medicine and my continued spiritual discovery, while fulfilling the academic growth that I seek.”

Even though she has just begun the PhD program, Kelikian has already started integrating what she is learning into the classes she teaches on the foundations of nursing, mental health, and pediatrics. She strongly feels it is important to model lifelong learning as a philosophy that she embraces.

“I hope to teach much of what I learn to nursing students as a way of supporting their personal success in a very rigorous program.”