Saybrook Community To Contribute In Human Science Research Conference

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Several Saybrook students, recent graduates, and faculty presented at the Human Science Research Conference, held June 11-14, at Ramapo College, New Jersey.

Two Saybrook students, Josie Kurkinen and Tamara Olive, and two recent grads, Carlos Guzman and Marcie Stresemann, presented their doctoral research in a symposium organized by Dr. Don Moss.

Josie presented on the topic: “Experiencing Creativity: A Pilot Interview Study with Participants in Natalie Rogers’ Expressive Arts Therapy Program.” Tamara presented on: “Desire for Higher Education in First-Generation Hispanic College Students Enrolled in an Academic Support Program: A Phenomenological Analysis.” Carlos presented on: Creativity, Spirituality, and Self-Expansiveness in the Process of Writing Popular Music .” Marcie’s paper, “A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Clinical Intuition,” was delivered by Don Moss.

Saybrook executive faculty member Amedeo Giorgi provided a keynote address on the history of qualitative research in mainstream psychology. Dr. Giorgi was one of the original organizers of the Human Science Research Conference. This year’s conference honored Dr. Giorgi for his lifetime contributions to humanistic and phenomenological psychology.

Also in attendance at the HSRC were Saybrook student Greg Stephens and Saybrook graduate Patricia Braudel.