Saybrook Raises $1.5 Million Fund - largest in its history!

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Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center raises $1.5 million Fund to strategize new University, including a $1 million gift - largest in its history

San Francisco, Ca. (September 15, 2008) – The Board of Trustees of Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center have established a $1.5 million fund for the preliminary capitalization and planning phase of a new university based on Saybrook’s humanistic tradition, and to educate those who will shape the future of a more humane and sustainable world. With this fund, Saybrook Graduate School is designing a cutting edge graduate university that will bring under one umbrella a group of integrated colleges. The initial planning efforts for the university will focus on the creation of its structure and include the development of new programs and colleges: a college of psychology, social transformation and human science and a college resulting from the affiliation with the Leadership Institute of Seattle. Other colleges to be established include a college of complementary and integrative health and a college of sustainable practice.

The University Fund was initiated last spring with the largest donation in the school’s 37 year history, which served as a catalyst for the fund. The gift includes $500,000, offered as a challenge which the Saybrook Trustees successfully matched, dollar for dollar, by its September 1st deadline. The anonymous donor also offered an interest free loan of $500,000 to provide additional capital for the development of the new university.

The new university’s vision is to employ models of distance learning in a creative combination with residential study to be a premier center of learning, research, and practice. Rooted in the values of the humanistic tradition, the mission of the new university is to provide rigorous graduate education to those who seek to pursue a life career of service. The university is dedicated to teaching and research in multiple disciplines that explore human potential, individual and global change, sustainability, creativity, compassion, and hope.