Saybrook University Announces New Leadership for Its Board of Trustees

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Renee Levi, PhD and Norman Boone, MBA, CFP to Serve as Co-Chairs in Innovative and Collaborative Trustee Governance Model

Alison Bonds Shapiro, MBA, chair of the Saybrook University board of trustees today announced the selection of Renee Levi, PhD and Norman Boone, MBA, CFP as the next leaders of the university board. Renee and Norm will each serve as co-chairs in an innovative arrangement that will bring their combined strengths and expertise in service to Saybrook.

  • In making this announcement, Alison stated:
    "The formal elections will take place in mid-May at the board meeting, and my term as chair will end on that date. While I continue to be your chair until then, Renee, Norm and I have already begun working together to ensure a smooth transition.

    I have served with both Renee and Norm for a number of years, and I could not be more delighted with the board's choice. Renee and Norm bring wisdom, depth of experience and grace to their work. Together they embody a wide diversity of strengths and skills that are exactly what will serve Saybrook University in this period of its growth.

    Please be assured that even though I am retiring as chair, I will always remain an integral part of the Saybrook Community. You are all a profoundly important part of my life and I am deeply grateful for the opportunities we have had to grow together."

From Renee:
As a student at Saybrook I learned about the power of collaboration. This is what Norm and I hope to model as we serve this extraordinary community. I also learned about the importance of a systems, or wholistic, approach to everything, including leadership. For me, this means that every member of the Saybrook community is a leader and that it will take all of us together to bring our message of humanity to a world desperately in need. I am very excited to be able to continue to contribute to Saybrook at this important time in our evolution as an innovative and dynamic university founded on humanistic principles.

From Norm:
Renee and I are both excited to accept this honor and to contribute to the continuing development of Saybrook University. We chose to take this on as co-chairs because we feel that the other offers qualities that are complementary to our own. We each believe we can be better as leaders together than separately. Renee is a graduate of Saybrook; I'm from the outside. We've each run organizations but have different styles and insights. We both see Saybrook as having the wonderful opportunity and positioning to do great things and we are excited to have the opportunity to help make that happen. I see this as a wonderful time for Saybrook, and I'd like to help continue to move it forward to a whole next level of quality of education and reputation.

Renee is a Saybrook alumna, receiving a PhD in Organizational Systems, and has served on the board since January 2008, most recently as vice chair. She has worked in the field of organizational development since 1989. Her work as a consultant, researcher, facilitator and coach is grounded in the belief that the power of human potential can be accessed through collaboration. Renee works with all kinds of organizations at the individual, group and organizational level.

Norm is the founder and President of Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc. and has been a member of the board since June 2005, most recently as treasurer and chair of the development committee. He has been regularly recognized as one of the nation’s best financial planners. Norm earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification in 1984, after receiving his undergraduate education at Stanford University and his MBA in Finance from the Harvard Business School.